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Lemieux Bédard

We are 70+ thinkers, strategists, creatives, advisors, advocates, scientists, and engineers. We are curious about the world around us, resourceful, responsive, and experienced. We work to surpass ourselves every day, being mindful and deliberate in our common goal to see your brand succeed.

Get to know our people

Suzanne Lemieux Bédard


Julie Chapados

Partner, Vice-President, Language Services and General Manager

Josée Gagnon

Partner and Vice-President, Client Services

David Churchill

Vice-President, Healthcare Business Strategy

Charles Gauvin

Art Director + Studio Production Lead

Elizabeth Salois

Associate Creative Director

Marie-Hélène Charest

Group Account Director

Mélanie Sullivan

Account Director

Chantal Abi Saleh

Account Director

Kate Andrews

Group Account Director

Martin Robillard

Team Lead and Web Production Manager